Announcement of the Zhuhai Court of International Arbitration (Zhuhai Arbitration Commission) on Public Selection and Appointment of Arbitrators

The Regulation of the Zhuhai Court of International Arbitration, as deliberated and adopted at the 2nd plenary meeting of the 38th meeting of the Ninth Standing Committee of Zhuhai Municipal People’s Congress on 31 March 2021, will be effective from 1 May 2021. According to relevant provisions of the Arbitration Law of the PRC (Arbitration Law)?and the Regulation of the Zhuhai Court of International Arbitration, the Zhuhai Court of International Arbitration (Zhuhai Arbitration Commission) [hereinafter ZCIA (ZCA)] will?select and?appoint arbitrators to establish a new panel of arbitrators. The relevant selection and appointment matters are hereby announced as follows:

1.?Range and Term

This selection and appointment of arbitrators are open to global applicants, and all qualified candidates are welcomed for application.?The term period of this ZCIA?Panel of Arbitrators is the same as the term period of current Council Members.

2. Qualification for Application

A candidate who wished to be considered for inclusion on the ZCIA Panel of Arbitrators must:

a)?Devoted?to arbitration, with a fair, upright, and noble character, act diligently and efficiently, abide by the ZCIA’s regulations, arbitration rules, management rules of arbitrators and code of arbitrators, without?a record of misconduct and misbehaviors?such as violation of law,?discipline?and?professional ethics.

b)??Meet the requirements specified in Article 13 of the Arbitration Law and?meet one of the conditions set forth below:

i.?To have passed the national uniform legal profession qualification examination and obtained the legal profession qualification, and conducted the arbitration work for eight years or more;

ii.?To have worked as a lawyer for eight years or more;

iii.?To have served as a judge for eight years or more;

iv.?To have been engaged in legal research or legal education, possessing a senior professional title; or

v.?To have acquired the knowledge of law, engaged in professional work in the field of economy and trade, etc., possessing a senior professional title or having an equivalent professional level, with high reputation and social influence in the respective industry or profession.

c)?Be in good health, able to devote sufficient time for?arbitration work,?and?willing to?advocate and promote laws on arbitration.

3. Points for Application

a)?The applicant?shall complete and submit?the Application Form for ZCIA(ZAC)’s Panel of Arbitrators before 24:00, 10?May?2021 (the application form can be downloaded from the ZCIA’s website: collected by person in the ZCIA (ZAC)).

b)?The applicant?shall also submit two recent two-inch bareheaded photos, identity certificate, academic qualifications and degree certificates, certificates of professional titles and positions; certificates on major professional affiliations, and copies of certificates on major academic achievements. Materials submitted by unsuccessful applicants?will not be returned.

c)?Arbitrators?appointed?in 2020 are not required to re-apply.?

4. Procedure

a)?Open?for application. Applicant?must submit the Application Form and all the required?supporting documents?within the time limit.

b)?Qualification?review. All applications will be reviewed to ensure that they meet the selection criteria noted in the Arbitration Law, Code of Conduct for Arbitrators and this Announcement.

c)?Credibility?and ability assessment. The qualified?personnel shall be subjected to necessary assessment in terms of ethics, morality, credibility, and ability.

d)?The decision by the ZCIA Council. If the criteria are met and the application is to be placed before the ZCIA Council for deliberation and decision.

e)?Announcement?and appointment. The?list of appointed arbitrators will be publicized, and the?arbitrators?shall accept?the letter?of appointment.


Address: Arbitration Tower, No.389 Ningxi Road, Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai City.

ContactMs. Mai Qingqing or Ms. Zheng Lingyi,

TEL: +86 756 2298030; +86 756 2293360

Postcode: 519000




15 April 2021

download:Application Form for ZCIA(ZAC)’s Panel of Arbitrators